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Supporting your career transition and development

We work closely with employees and employers to help both through the often difficult change process. With psychometric profiling, career planning, CV preparation, interview skills training and assessment, goal setting, networking skills and one-to-one coaching available, our range of Career Coaching Programs can be customised to suit your company’s unique requirements or any individual’s specific needs. What’s more, we can deliver group or individual programs for all career levels. Our dynamic coaching process enables maximum career options to be considered, explored and targeted.

The Benefits

Support When You Need It

We support you, your company and the people in your company who are directly impacted by change.

Clarity When You Need It

Your company can give a clear message of social responsibility to its employees, customers, suppliers and the external marketplace.

Wide Range of Programmes

Psychometric Profiling, Career Planning, CV Preparation, Interview Skills Training and Assessment, Goal Setting, Networking Skills and One-to-One Coaching.

All Easily Tailored

Our range of Career Coaching Programs can be tailored and customised to suit each company’s requirements or any individual’s needs.

Experienced Coaches

Our team includes business and HR professionals with extensive experience in the delivery of outplacement and coaching programs in Australia, Europe, the US and Ireland.

We Are People Who Care

It’s essential that any company facing the challenge of downsizing or reorganising feels they can work with people who will help make this difficult period as smooth and disruption-free as possible.

Who We Help