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We’ll run things for you

We assist companies who need to hire Non-Irish nationals successfully navigate the Work Permit application process, and provide invaluable advice on the Irish Immigration system. Applications can be complex and time consuming – we simplify this, by completing all the paperwork and keeping you informed every step of the way. We can assist your business with:

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit.
  • General Employment Work Permit.
  • Permit Renewals.
  • Change of Stamp/Permissions.
  • Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit.
  • Trusted Partner Applications.
  • Immigration & Related Advice.

The Benefits

Immigration Expertise

Benefit from the knowledge of our trusted experts, who can provide advice and information related to Immigration topics such as Visas and Work Permits.

Trusted Partnerships

We take the time to understand your business through an initial consultation. From there, we develop shared goals and work alongside you to achieve these objectives. As a Trusted Partner, we are an extension of your team and bring expertise in areas where you may lack knowledge or experience.

Application Best Practices

Our experts have successfully managed countless applications for Work Permits. They are experienced in the process and best practices, and use this expertise to make the process easier for companies to navigate.

Effective, Efficient Solutions

We’ll meet your unique requirements and maximise application success, while delivering time and cost saving efficiencies for your business, compared to if the process was managed in-house.

High Quality Service

We are ISO certified and GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured all aspects of the process are handled professionally. Having extensive experience  in the Work Permit application process and knowledge of the Irish Immigration system, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with our skilled  team.

Who We Help