Reach Your Potential

Our passion is working with people who want to achieve more. We believe the best way to do that is to learn through commitment, experience and practice. With our award winning coaching programmes, we’ll support, encourage and challenge you to reach your potential for yourself and your organisation.

Coaching Areas

Executive Coaching

Built on a foundation of trust, confidentiality and partnership, our award-winning coaching programmes support people in recently promoted roles, leaders facing everyday business challenges and individuals going through a change process. Our personalised, professional and fully-customised coaching programmes generally take place over a duration of 6 to 12 months. During this time, we use a wide range of highly-regarded and proven coaching techniques including Time to Think, Gestalt, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Systems Thinking to ask the questions that need to be asked. Load more

Team Coaching

This extension of our one-to-one coaching programmes helps teams build capability, reach specific goals and learn skills to help them achieve high performance levels. We work together to identify behaviours and talents which enable or disable your team. We then use these to create an awareness of change at both an individual and a team level. Ultimately, this enables the entire team to focus on the tasks, challenges, goals and solutions required for success by becoming more agile, resilient and collaborative. Fully customisable, our Team Coaching programs can consist of short, regular team interventions or entire team day-away programs. Load more

Career Coaching

We work closely with employees and employers to help both through this often-difficult change process. Our range of Career Coaching Programs can be customised to suit your company’s unique requirements or an individual’s specific needs. What’s more, we can deliver group or individual programs for all career levels. Anyone who completes the Clark Career Coaching Program will, at a minimum, be confident in their ability to apply for job opportunities in a proactive, marketable way. While for those at senior levels, our dynamic coaching process enables maximum career options to be considered, explored and targeted. Load more

Who We Help