Self-awareness and personal discovery are the keys to achieving peak performance.  Clark is the only accredited company in Ireland to provide and distribute the world renowned IMX ADVanced Insights Profile measuring the What, How and Why of human performance.


The IMX DISC Index, Values Index and Attribute Index are the most contemporary profiling tools on the market today underpinned by the ground‐breaking work of of Dr William Marston’s, Dr Spranger and Robert Hartman.


Discovering the real talent in your organisation


We help you dig a bit deeper in the selection process when recruiting or assessing the talent in your existing team. The combination of these three powerful assessment tools enables individuals and teams to discover transformational insight into their behaviour, their values and their personal motivators.


The IMX Profiling tools can be used for:


Job benchmarking

Recruitment and selection

Assessing and Managing talent

Performance management

Developing talent

Team Development

Succession planning and talent mapping