Supporting the Well-Being of Your Underrepresented Employees

Bountiful research has documented the importance of DEI for business. We know that organizations with diverse workforces enjoy increased financial performance, innovation, and creativity and decreased attrition and related costs. But efforts to address DEI in the workplace are typically disconnected from those aimed at supporting employee health and wellness. To enact meaningful change in the lives of employees, it’s critical for business leaders to address employees’ total well-being, including their physical, mental, emotional, and financial health; work-life balance; and social equity. Simply put, well-being is a central strategy to ensure that employees are able to contribute their best while navigating the myriad challenges that impact how they live, work, and relate to others. Failing to address the intersectionality of DEI and well-being does a substantial disservice to employees. The authors present a series of actions employers should take to ensure every part of their population has the resources and information they need to address the special needs of marginalized employee populations.

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