Update to the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Entitlement

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Entitlement Update

As you are now fully aware, the Government enacted the Sick Leave Act 2022 from 1st January 2023.  As of the 1st January 2024, the number of days an employee is entitled to take on paid sick leave increases from 3 to 5, as part of their Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) entitlement.


Introduction of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

The primary intention behind the introduction of the SSP is to provide sick pay coverage to those employees, often in low-paid and precarious roles, who do not have access to a company sick leave scheme. The scheme offers a floor level of protection and does not interfere with existing, more favourable, sick pay schemes.

The criteria around SSP remains unchanged.

  • The rate for sick pay is paid at 70% of normal weekly pay, up to a maximum €110 a day.
  • Sick days can be taken as consecutive days or non-consecutive days.
  • The sick pay year is the calendar year, so it runs from 1 January to 31 December.
  • The employee must be working in their current employment for 13 consecutive weeks.


Records to be retained by an employer:

An employer must maintain a record of all statutory sick leave taken to include:

  1. the period of employment of each employee who availed of statutory sick leave,
  2. the dates and times of statutory sick leave in respect of each employee who availed of such leave, and
  3. the rate of statutory sick leave payment in relation to each employee who availed of statutory sick leave.

These records must be retained for four years.


In conclusion, the new Statutory Sick Pay entitlement marks a significant stride towards prioritizing the well-being of workers. This invaluable benefit not only safeguards financial stability during periods of illness but underscores the importance of a supportive workplace. Recognizing the value of employee health is not just a legal obligation but a testament to fostering a culture that values and protects its most valuable asset—its people. As we navigate these changes, let’s champion a workplace environment where the welfare of every team member is paramount.


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