“Positive feedback throughout”

We were extremely fortunate to find Clark Recruitment. The program, processes, and the people from Clark Recruitment were well received by our entire workforce.

Once we conceptually decided on what we wanted to accomplish Clark took over and we never had any concerns. We received positive feedback from our employees almost immediately and that continued through the entire program.

In our situation, we had 20 individuals who were impacted by the plant closure. Over 70% of them found employment soon after they were terminated from the company. Today, months later, I continue to receive phone calls and e-mails from individuals who are grateful for the guidance that the people at Clark Recruitment provided to enable them to make life-changing moves in their careers.

I highly recommend using Clark Recruitment for your outplacement needs. Experienced professionals are hard to find and the people at Clark Recruitment are the best!


“Professionals who really know their business”

Client 1:

Our company underwent some restructuring and wanted to ensure that those people affected were given every assistance to adapt to their new situation. We engaged Clark Executive to design and deliver a tailored Outplacement program which would give the relevant people the confidence and tools to move forward with their careers.

The program put together by the team at Clark was hugely successful and the empathy, professionalism and expertise shown by the consultants was welcomed by all participants.

We highly recommend Clark Executive, their people, their outplacement program and most of all their professionalism throughout what can be a challenging time for companies and individuals.

Client 2:

Through what can a very difficult set of circumstances there is light at the end of the tunnel when you find professionals who really know their business. This is what we found with the Clark Recruitment organization.

In January this year our company decided to close its operation in Ireland and consolidate its European operations in Belgium We were immediately faced with what seemed endless administrative tasks that need to be completed, but most importantly we wanted to provide the best support and assistance to our employees for what would be a forced change in their careers.



“More at ease with myself and confident in my abilities”

Deirdre is an understanding person and obviously very experienced. Coaching sessions with Deirdre helped me frame my issues and helped me ask the questions I needed to ask myself. Following our sessions I was able to clearly see what I had to address, which I now have. I am unsure how she unblocked me but I feel more at ease with myself and confident in my abilities.


“Being listened to and heard in a non-judgemental way”

While I was initially a little skeptical about attending Clark on the advice of my Manager it was such a positive experience for me and helped in my thinking and feeling around the changes in my own personal circumstances regarding my employer. This organisation was such a huge part of my identity (more than I realised) and like an extended family to me that I never considered leaving.

When the mention of redundancy was mooted it hurt but like everything, time heals all and on reflection, I could see the advantages to leaving both personally and professionally. Key questions posed by yourself were vital to my discernment and for that I’m very grateful. Being listened to and heard in a non-judgemental way was also extremely helpful. Finally dealing with my pain and sadness and partaking in the role play I also found of enormous benefit. It was the one to one interaction with you and your empathy and sincerity that really mattered.

Each session left me with something to reflect on and think about in a planned way and all 4 together made sense for me and my journey.

Simply said I might be still where I am today without Clark Executive Coaching but many of my underlying issues would not have been dealt with and I would have left the organisation with feelings or resentment and sadness. Thank you Deirdre for the very significant part you played in making that my reality.


“The most useful support that I’ve ever had”

I wanted to pass on my huge thanks and appreciation for all the work you did with me last year. I can honestly say it’s been the most useful support that I’ve ever had in helping me to think about my work, career – and behaviour. And I cannot tell you the number of times I have thought about some of our discussions. I can’t say I’ve got it all sussed – alas – but it has made me very mindful of things. I’m also in a much happier, more productive place.  Needless to say, I’ve also been trying to use some of your learning’s to help communicate better, and mentor my own staff, which I think is working better.


“Warm, engaging and highly professional”

Deirdre Coghlan Murray supported senior managers in my organisation at a time of serious organisational change and continues to help coach and mentor staff in the organisation.

She coached managers in relation to the restructuring of the organisation and in relation to their own professional development. Deirdre worked with managers based in Ireland and overseas, offering high quality support which enabled managers to work through critical situations and which strengthened their capacity to work strategically.

Deirdre’s style is warm, engaging and highly professional. Deirdre has a talent for helping individuals to clearly identify their goals, understand what is holding them back from achieving those goals and to work out practical ways towards realising their own potential and that of their teams.

Deirdre creates a safe, confidential and very supportive environment for everyone she works with. All of the feedback from our managers and staff who have worked with

Deirdre has been very positive. Her style is empathetic and encouraging, and she also knows when to challenge those with whom she works in order to ensure that they achieve their aims. Her practice is based on building self-awareness and helping people to adapt to change, face difficult situations with confidence and grow personally and professionally.

Deirdre has a rare and very valuable talent around coaching and mentoring people. I would highly recommend her to other managers or organisations who need support in dealing with change or in helping individuals to perform to the very best of their ability.