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A coaching programme offers personal development through one-to-one sessions with an accredited and qualified coach. We believe coaching works best when it is voluntarily, undertaken with an open mind and a willingness to explore new perspectives and increase self-awareness.


Generative in nature, coaching supports executives in senior roles to sustain excellent performance through enhanced awareness of their leadership, decision-making and management approaches and how they translate in workplace relationships and outputs.


Clark executive, established since 1998, is an Irish company who provide partnership solution’s to organisations, companies and individuals to help attain peak performance.


Our coaching division specialises in providing Executive Coaching Services to middle and senior management on a confidential one-to-one basis in many of Ireland’s blue chip companies and organisations. Our coaches act as a catalyst in implementing positive change and helping inspire people towards achieving personal and business goals.


We use a number of tools to help objectively (360 Degree Feedback, organisational Health Check) and identification of behavioural styles, (DISC) Values & motivators (Insights) and the level of development across a significant range of attributes and talents (IMX, ADV)


Most of all we are individuals who thrive and have a passion for working with people to help them achieve their potential. Each coach has the support of the Clark team of coaches and actively participates in ongoing supervision. Our experience of delivering coaching has developed a sense of what works really well  for you the individual and for the organisation.