Have you considered Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as a hiring method?

At Clark, we take on all parts of your recruitment function or supplement internal teams. We help your business secure the talent you need to drive business growth using a high-touch, agile, and configurable approach during every step of the recruitment process. We help your business accelerate hiring because of the work planning strategies we put in place. We help strengthen the employers brand to attract the key talent necessary for the future success of your business.


We use innovative technology and techniques, alongside experienced and talented HR and recruitment professionals who bring leading-edge best practices to your people function, delivering immediate access to talent. We understand the complex nature of organisations and the need to scale up or down recruitment activities as required. Our agility allows us to respond to market shifts and adjust to flexible working strategies. 


We are trusted partners to your organisation, and we essentially act as an extension to your HR function – meaning we align ourselves to your overall business objectives. We provide weekly analytical reporting, so you have immediate visibility to what is happening indicating key statistics, sharing metrics on diversity, equity, and inclusion, optimizing hiring processes and leveraging technology to reduce bias.


We provide a best-in-class candidate experience and take a multifaceted approach to managing the journey of every candidate by focusing on communication, turnaround times, and feedback. We aim to deliver a flawless service at every touch point of the recruitment cycle. We help a business manage recruitment costs as our service offers value beyond what internal acquisition teams have the budget to do and our solution is a key cost saving on long-term investments of contract or permanent resources.


We promote your brand at all times and promote you as an employer of choice representing your business and active positions with intelligent, impactful, and professional recruitment marketing. We are flexible and provide an ‘a la carte’ service meaning we can customise our service to meet your exact needs reducing costs while still delivering a service that allows you to focus on other key objectives.


Our world of work has changed, and we are abreast of all developments and experts in our field meaning you have immediate access to salary guides, salary benchmarking and so much more. The world of work is small, and our reach is global, we assist you with managing multidimensional recruitment strategies. We are well versed and experienced in managing recruitment solutions and administration and guidance on work permits and visas.


We work with your Hiring Managers and provide onsite workshops to ensure quality is incorporated into every step of the recruitment process. We are highly experienced vendor managers and have agreed partnerships with expert recruiters in key specialist areas meaning we exhaust the marketplace for the best talent.


Clark is a multi-award-winning leader in talent solutions operating as a strategic partner leading business solutions through people. Clark provides a full suite of configurable talent services including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), permanent, contract, interim, and temporary recruitment, coaching, psychometric, and aptitude assessments.

For more information on RPO solutions and other hiring methods contact us or reach out to our RPO team now, Stephen Farrell-O’Callaghan or Noreen Sweeney on 045 881888.
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