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Recruitment Process: How we work with you

At Clark we follow a structured recruitment process to match candidates with job vacancies. Here is a step-by-step overview of how we work with you.


Understanding Client Requirements:

We begin by meeting with clients (employers) to gain a thorough understanding of their job vacancy, including the required qualifications, skills, experience, and any other specific criteria. This helps us create a detailed job description.


Sourcing Candidates:

We utilize various methods to source potential candidates. This includes searching our internal candidate database, advertising the job vacancy on job boards, professional networking platforms, and social media channels, as well as utilizing our industry connections and conducting targeted searches. We also proactively approach passive candidates who are not actively job seeking but might be suitable for the position.


Candidate Screening:

Once potential candidates are identified, we screen them to assess their suitability for the job. This screening process may involve reviewing CVs, conducting phone interviews, online interviews or initial face-to-face interviews. The screening helps us determine if the candidates meet the basic requirements set by the client.


Interview Preparation:

If candidates pass the initial screening, we provide guidance and support to help them prepare for interviews. This can include sharing information about the client, the role, and conducting mock interviews to help candidates showcase their skills and abilities effectively.


Submitting Candidates to Clients:

After screening and preparing the candidates, we present the shortlisted candidates to the client for further evaluation. We share CVs, interview feedback, and any other relevant information to help the client make an informed decision.


Interview and Selection Process:

The client then conducts their own interviews and assessments with the candidates recommended by us.  We may facilitate the scheduling of interviews and act as a liaison between the client and candidates. We often sit in as an objective person on their interview panel.


Offer Negotiation:

If the client decides to hire a candidate referred by us, we assist in the negotiation of the job offer, including salary, benefits, and other terms. We provide guidance to both parties to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement is reached.


Placement and Follow-up:

Once the candidate accepts the job offer, we facilitate the placement process, ensuring a smooth transition for the candidate. We also follow up with the client and the candidate after the placement to ensure satisfaction and address any concerns. Our communication process and after care service last beyond just the placement.


Fee Structure:

The client/employer pays us a fee for our services. Candidates are never charged for recruitment placements.


Overall, we act as intermediaries between clients and candidates, utilising our expertise in sourcing, screening, and matching candidates with job vacancies to facilitate successful placements and building trust and developing relationships that last. That’s why we are the trusted partner to so many Irish companies. For expert advice and support for your recruitment needs, contact us today.



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