Optimists Are Better at Finding New Jobs

Optimistic thinking empowers us during uncertain times, prompting us to take positive action steps. The reason for this is that optimists generally expect good things to happen in the face of challenges and, most importantly, believe that their behavior matters for creating positive change.

Optimism is also helpful during the interview process, making candidates appear more likeable and capable. When a hiring manager asks about a recent challenge and how you solved it, the way you frame your response is telling for future performance.

The most hopeful aspect coming out of optimism research is that our mindset is malleable — just like a muscle at the gym, we can work on it to strengthen it. Our mindset is not merely a result of genes and upbringing. By refocusing attention on the positive, meaningful parts of life and our personal strengths, we can scientifically retrain the brain to default to that way of thinking.

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