Millennial Managers Can Change Company Culture for the Better

Today, many workers wish to instill meaning and purpose into all areas of their lives — including their work. Millennials, many of whom are moving into management roles, have an opportunity to drive real change within their organisations and on the teams they lead. If you are a new manager, here are five key steps you can take:

  • Be transparent. Your team members will likely place high value on organisations that are transparent about both their successes and business challenges — as well as the roadmap between the two.
  • Trust people to work from anywhere. It is a way to signal to your employees that you have confidence in their ability to perform without looking over their shoulders.
  • Emphasize autonomy. The more you can empower your team to figure things out on their own, the more meaning they will find in their work.
  • Explain what your company is doing for the greater good. What gives your work meaning, on a large or small scale?
  • Focus on the whole employee. From free therapy and counselling to additional time off or employee fitness programs, there are a myriad of ways you can focus on the whole employee.
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