Introducing Innermetrix psychometric profiling tools

Realising your peoples’ full potential. Extraordinary solutions for everyday business challenges.  Self-awareness is key to achieving peak performance.
Innermetrix is a global research, development and certification company specialising in creating psychometric and business consulting tools for experienced career professionals within areas of Leadership, Human Resources, Management, Coaching, Learning and Development.
The world renowned lnnermetrix suite of psychometric profiling tools include the IMX ADVanced Insights Profile measuring the What, How and Why of human performance.
The key to individual and collective excellence lies in understanding the combination of a person’s behaviour, values and personal skills.
The IMX DISC Index, Values Index and Attribute Index are the most contemporary profiling tools on the market today, underpinned by the ground‐breaking work of Dr William Marston, Dr Eduard Spranger and Nobel prize nominee Robert S. Hartman.
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