Impending Increase to The Irish Minimum Wage

Impending Increase to The Irish Minimum Wage

In Budget 2024, the Government suggested a minimum wage increase from January 1st 2024. This is now officially being enacted, and so, as of 1st January 2024, the Irish minimum wage increases to €12.70 per hour.


Companies are now legally obliged to pay each employee over 20 years of age a minimum of €12.70 per hour.


Below is the guideline on hourly rates of pay:


Age Group Minimum wage from 1 January 2024
20 and over €12.70
19 €11.43
18 €10.16
Under 18 €8.89



Other salary considerations:

Please also be aware that the recommended living wage in Ireland is now €14.80 per hour.

If you have not already received our 2024 salary guide that was recently published, you can download your copy here.


In conclusion, the impending increase to the Irish Minimum Wage heralds a positive change for workers, signaling a commitment to fair compensation. This adjustment not only reflects economic progress but also places value on the fundamental principle that every worker deserves a wage that meets basic living standards. As the wage landscape evolves, let’s celebrate this stride towards greater financial equity and acknowledge the vital role it plays in creating a more just and sustainable work environment.


For more information or to discuss any of these points further, please contact us or reach out to Maire on 045 881 888 or
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