Clarks Commitment to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

We are witnessing a global movement towards greater recognition of and appreciation for the value of diversity. Organisations globally are embracing initiatives to embed diversity, equality, and inclusion into the workplace with an effort to move beyond traditional unconscious bias training towards a focus on action and allyship.

As interest in this area is gaining momentum, Clark remains uniquely positioned to support broader adoption of DEI by employers throughout our recruitment processes.

For almost 25 years, we have been continuously innovating and improving our processes solutions with powerful and transparent technology and data science. Our approach is designed to help reduce common biases so that organisations can make the best and fairest decisions through application of the following principles:

  • Fairness: our recruitment processes and systems are developed with the intention of providing a fair and inclusive experience for all candidates.
  • Accessibility: Clark considers the accessibility of both our website, CRM, psychometric and aptitude assessment platforms, and the content itself.
  • Research, Innovation, and Thought Leadership: we continually seek out information on the latest developments in best practice guidance working with master’s students from Maynooth University who carryout in depth research on our behalf.
  • Partnerships: in our commitment to DEI, we work with communities of experts and have established partnerships, and this was at the forefront of our Keep Kildare Working Initiative during the Covid 19 pandemic and remains as a key priority during all our recruitment practices.
  • Expert Services: our professional recruiters and HR associates are trusted advisers who help our clients maximize diversity, equality, and inclusion by leveraging best practices throughout the talent lifecycle while ensuring the candidates we represent get equal opportunities.

Research shows that diverse organisations are more likely to outperform those that are not diverse, with greater representation in terms of gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity leading to greater organisational success. Discover further steps that you can take to make your organisation a safer, happier, and more successful workplace.

For more information about how we can help you and your organisation recruit the best talent call Stephen Farrell O’Callaghan now on  045 881888.


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