Clark Salary Guide 2023

Clark are pleased to present our annual salary guide for 2023.


The purpose of this guide is to provide you with detailed, accurate information about salary levels across Ireland with specific emphasis on the M7 corridor. We believe it will be a useful go-to tool for both employers and employees for planning purposes in 2023.


Our guide gives information across specific job sectors including Human Resources, Accountancy, Sales, Marketing, Business Support, Environmental Health & Safety, Quality, Manufacturing, Engineering, Supply Chain, Logistics and IT and Temporary staff.


It has been compiled using the salary details provided to us by over 5500 candidates who have registered with us during the period March-October 2022, an in-depth review of salary levels across 500 vacancies in our region in the same 8 month period and the analysis of salary guides for the year ahead provided by national and international specialists involved in the recruitment sector in Ireland.


What is evident is that salary rates are on the increase. This is due to both a continued battle for skilled people as well as the impact of inflation on the cost of living.


The change in the landscape of how we work and the future of work is creating both opportunities and threats to employers to attract and retain great people who know their worth. However, additional benefits such as more annual leave, the provision of a variety of well-being programmes and most importantly, the greater accommodation of flexible, hybrid/remote working all play a major part. With the unemployment rate set to fall to 4.1% and the IBEC annual HR Update Workplace Trends & Insights Report showing that more than half of respondents are planning to increase their headcount in 2023, there is little doubt that the high level of competition for talent will continue.


If you would like further information or we can help you regarding the information provided in this guide, please contact or call our experienced team on 045 881888.


Download the Clark Salary Guide 2023 here

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