Building a Sustainable Future: Our Goals as a Socially Responsible Recruitment Business

As a sustainable recruitment consultancy, we are not only achieving business objectives but also making a positive impact on society and the environment we work and live in. Our key goals are:


Diversity and Inclusion:
Promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace by actively seeking out and supporting candidates from underrepresented groups. Implementing and rolling out policies and practices that ensure equal opportunities for all candidates and ensuring the clients we partner with promote and live by this too.


Ethical Recruitment:
Adhere to ethical recruitment practices, including transparency with candidates about job requirements and fair treatment throughout the hiring process.


Green Initiatives:
Implement environmentally friendly practices within our operation. This includes reducing paper waste, providing hybrid working with flexible work patterns, and considering eco-friendly office supplies.


Sustainable Partnerships:
Collaborate with socially responsible employers who prioritise sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social impact.


Community Engagement:
We get involved in community initiatives and support local causes. We engage in volunteering, mentorship programs, and partnerships with organisations that promote skills development and job opportunities for marginalised groups.


Employee Well-being:
Prioritise the well-being of agency employees. We offer a healthy work-life balance, support professional development, and maintain a positive and inclusive work culture.


Long-term Candidate Relationships:
We focus on building lasting relationships with candidates, even if they are not initially placed in a job. We offer career guidance, feedback, and resources to help candidates improve their skills and chances of finding suitable employment.


Sustainable Talent Pool:
We help build sustainable talent pools that align with employers’ current and future needs. We help candidates find roles that match their skills and interests while fulfilling employers’ requirements.


Social Impact Reporting:
We regularly track and report on the agency’s sustainability and social impact efforts. We share progress and achievements with stakeholders to demonstrate commitment to sustainable practices.


By incorporating these sustainable goals into our business strategy, Clark are contributing positively to society and our local community, the economy, and the environment. Are you actively searching for talent and want a partner who can project manage your recruitment needs? Call Clark now on 045 881888 or start by emailing Jobseekers can view our open vacancies or register their CV to be considered for future roles which arise.


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