8 Factors to Consider When Job Hunting

When job hunting, the allure of a new job offer can be irresistible. Beyond the surface perks and compensation, lies the vital question: does this role align with my skills, goals, and values? A seamless fit with the company’s culture can bring job satisfaction, career growth and long-term achievement. By evaluating the compatibility of roles and workplace dynamics, job seekers can ensure not only a thriving professional journey but a fulfilling one as well. Here are 8 factors to consider when job hunting:


Working Hours:

Understanding the expected working hours and overtime requirements is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and fitting work around other commitments. Also consider what working models are in place, remote, hybrid or onsite?


Benefits Offered:

Consider the full package beyond just the salary, including holiday allowance, pension contributions, insurance, bonuses, and healthcare.


Company Culture:

The culture of the workplace greatly influences job satisfaction. Gather information about how employees are treated, their happiness, turnover rate, and social events. Check out glassdoor and google reviews!


The Team:

Getting to know potential co-workers during the interview process can help gauge how well you’ll work together and the overall dynamics of the team.


The Passion of the Team:

A passionate team with shared values and vision creates a positive and exciting work atmosphere.


The Stability of the Company:

Research the company’s stability and growth prospects to determine if there are potential risks, such as future redundancies.


Opportunities for Growth:

Inquire about advancement opportunities within the company to understand potential career progression.


Educational Opportunities:

Find out if the company invests in the education and development of its employees, which can contribute to individual growth.


Considering these factors alongside the size of your payslip can help you make a more informed decision when evaluating job opportunities. Remember that job satisfaction and overall happiness in the workplace are influenced by various aspects beyond just the monetary aspect.


Are you actively searching for a new role? We have permanent and temporary opportunities across Leinster! To get started, jobseekers can view our open vacancies or register their CV to be considered for future roles which arise.


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