Clark Recruitment is excited to collaborate with our esteemed client based in Kildare, as we seek to find an enthusiastic Environmental Health and Safety Graduate. This opportunity entails working closely with a prominent food manufacturing company, allowing for valuable growth and experience in the field.

Job Objective: As a member of the EHS team, your role will encompass a range of responsibilities aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of processes related to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS).

Key Responsibilities: This role entails a range of crucial responsibilities aimed at bolstering the health and safety framework within the workplace. The following outlines the core tasks associated with this position:

  • Cultivating Health and Safety Culture: Collaborate to foster a robust health and safety culture in the workplace by actively promoting a comprehensive near miss and hazard reporting system. Maintain consistent communication with the EHS Manager and representatives from various departments.

  • Audit and Compliance: Contribute to regular safety inspections, aiding in the preparation of comprehensive reports. Assist in the implementation of corrective and preventive measures, and liaise with key department representatives to ensure the timely resolution of identified issues. Provide support to the EHS Manager in readiness for external compliance audits.

  • Training Support: Assist in coordinating safety-related training schedules, ensuring timely completion of all mandatory training. Participate in the development and dissemination of health and safety communications, including toolbox talks and safety alerts, to facilitate an ongoing drive for improvement.

  • Emergency Preparedness: Contribute to the management of emergency preparedness across the site, spanning areas such as fire safety, chemical safety, and work-related vehicles.

  • Contractor Management: Collaborate with the engineering department to oversee the Contractor Management Programme. Deliver training on contractor requirements to contractor managers, maintain updated contractor information, and conduct audits of approved contractors and their activities. Review pertinent safety documents to ensure alignment with site and legal requisites.

  • Safety Statistics and Reporting: Assist in generating daily safety management statistics for the senior management team. Highlight potential enhancement opportunities and current trends for consideration.

  • Environmental Safety and Sustainability: Support the coordination of environmental safety and sustainability procedures on site to ensure compliance with legal and best practice standards. Regularly update environmental metrics and engage with the EHS Manager on a weekly basis to identify avenues for continuous improvement and growth.

    Qualifications/ Skills/ Experience:

  • Educational Background: Possess a relevant degree qualification, demonstrating a strong foundation in the field.

  • Practical Experience: Ideally, have prior experience from a college work placement in the health and safety domain, showcasing a practical understanding of key concepts.

  • Effective Communication: Display adept communication skills, enabling clear and concise explanations of safety procedures and regulations to various stakeholders.

  • Computer Proficiency: Exhibit proficiency in various computer applications, particularly Microsoft Office suite, facilitating efficient documentation and data management.

  • Autonomous and Team-Oriented: Demonstrate the capability to work independently, taking initiative when required, while also thriving as a collaborative team player.

  • Administrative Excellence: Possess excellent administrative skills, coupled with strong literacy abilities. These skills will be utilized for compiling and generating comprehensive reports.

  • Attention to Detail: Show a keen eye for detail, ensuring accuracy in all tasks and the production of meticulous reports.

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