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​Hire with confidence with Clark SHL Assessments

SHL use behavioural science techniques to measure traits, skills, and fit of candidates and employees. A team of I/O psychologists and 30+ years of behavioural science expertise have ensured the portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

  • Functional behaviour assessments to find the best fit for hourly employees
  • Job evaluation tools to help predict executive performance
  • Skills assessments to help you sift through talent pools
  • Proven, valid, and legally defensible assessments
Validated assessments for Accounting & Finance, Administrative, Call Centre/Customer Service, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial/Warehouse, IT/Technology, Legal, Management, Sales, Software/IT help your company identify and select the most talented and skilled candidates.
Types of Insights – Unlock workplace performance.
Gaining insights into Abilities, Behaviour & Personality, Fit, Skills and Speciality offerings you can select and hire the best candidate, retain critical staff and unlock management potential.
With an expanded portfolio that now includes coding, language, video interview and skills tests alongside personality, motivation, cognitive ability, language assessments and leadership benchmarking, Clark are delighted to provide deep people insights to predict and drive workplace performance.
For more information on Clark SHL assessments please contact Stephen on 045 881888 or email 


Success Story: County Kildare Chamber

The recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a pivotal moment for any organisation, signifying a step towards future growth and new strategic directions. Clark Recruitment was selected to assist, bringing its expertise to ensure the selection of a candidate who would truly align with the Chamber’s objectives and values.   The Challenge Recruiting … more.

We’re recruiting a CFO for Godolphin Ireland!

Godolphin Ireland Limited is recruiting for the role of Chief Financial Officer.  This role requires a seasoned financial leader capable of driving the company’s financial strategy, ensuring compliance and providing valuable insights to support decision-making at the highest level of the County Kildare-based company.  As Chief Financial Officer the appointed candidate will ensure alignment with … more.
Success Story: Sexing Technologies LEARN MORE

Success Story: Sexing Technologies

In fields related to science and other technical skillsets, it can be challenging to attract qualified team members. For Sexing Technologies®, a company which specialises in livestock reproductive and genetics technologies,  its own unique focus adds an additional challenge in sourcing qualified candidates.  That’s why Sexing Technologies® enlisted the help of Clark to attract talent … more.