IT Specialist – Systems and Digitalisation Analyst

An exciting opportunity is available for an IT Specialist – Systems and Digitalisation Analyst. This role, working closely with the Head of IT, focuses on advancing and implementing digitalisation, data analytics, and reporting strategies. The analyst collaborates internally and externally to align ongoing projects with organisational needs. Responsibilities include translating business requirements into digitalisation strategies, managing sub-projects to enhance digital capabilities, and leveraging operational data to define and report KPIs. Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of real-time data, the role also involves implementing solutions for efficient data reporting to support informed decision-making across the organisation.
Core Duties:

  • Developing, prioritising, maintaining, and advancing digitalisation roadmaps for various departments within the organisation, integrating them into an overarching organisational roadmap
  • Taking ownership, management, and coordination of digitalisation projects
  • Addressing gaps in business processes through the implementation of solutions, which may involve introducing new systems, developing applications and reports, integrating systems, and enhancing end-user usability
  • Supporting and coordinating new and existing systems that aid operational functions.
  • Leading the implementation of enterprise-wide systems.
  • Establishing data management standards
  • Assisting with training plans to ensure comprehensive end-user proficiency with newly developed and implemented solutions

Experience & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or related discipline.
  • 5+ years’ experience in a similar role
  • Preferably have some computer programming experience
  • Experience working with SQL databases is an advantage
  • Experience building reports using Power BI or similar tools
  • Experience working in an IT Department
  • Strong problem solving and leadership capabilities
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment

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